Respect my beliefs, Goddamnit!

When I was a Christian I would try to debate people who didn’t share my beliefs. I had no reason to do that. Literally, the “reason” part of my brain had been partially deactivated by the church.

Reason has to be dimmed in order to activate the blind faith setting.

I honestly believed that a snake offering some lady a naughty apple thousands of years ago triggered events that led to me sin. One has to devote a fair amount of brain matter to maintain that delusion.

It is hard to keep tamping down reason to hold on to idiotic beliefs. It can stress out even the most faithful. I distinctly remember that feeling. I think that is why I would get so angry when talking to people who didn’t share my beliefs.

I think it felt so bad because I was subconsciously aware of the absurdity. If I talked to someone who gave me a raised eyebrow I would immediately jump to “Those are my beliefs and you have to respect them!”

While we all need to respect an individual’s right to believe what they want; we certainly don’t have to respect that particular belief.

I giggled recently when someone of faith was trying to debate some nonsense they believed. I giggled. Just a little snort, I couldn’t help it, the point she was making was so stupid. She snapped at me “Hey! Don’t make fun of what I believe!”

She believes I am going to burn forever in hell but I am not allowed to laugh about those beliefs? She thinks it makes sense for me to suffer, tortured horribly, for eternity, but I am not allowed to snicker at that notion. I should listen with polite and reverent silence while being told I am going to rot in hell.

That makes no fucking sense.


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