Create your own Bible verse craft

I dedicated 22 years to Christianity. I tithed, I prayed, I felt guilty, I gave up music I loved, I shamed non believers, and I cried desperately for forgiveness ashamed of my body.

I spent hours reading the good book and as I poured over those words, I studied and searched for new meanings, desperate to glean the wisdom I needed to become the person I thought I should be.

I allowed that book to take a lot from me.

Now I want something back. I want to take the power from those verses. I want to declare that I am a servant to these words no longer. Also I love making wall art.

I made up my own verse suitable for framing.

IMG_8101 (1)

Once a well meaning family member suggested I ignore my instincts so I could find my way back to God. They went on to say that sometimes believing in Jesus goes against common sense but that I had to keep up the Faith and not always rely on my sense of reason.

What strange advice, I think of it often. That was the inspiration behind the first sentence, I wanted to legitimize my own wisdom.

What would inspire you?

  • Is there a Bible verse that haunted you that you would like to rewrite?
  • Is there a Bible verse that made you feel bad about yourself?
  • Is there a Bible verse that you think makes the world a more dangerous place?

Churches twist the Bible’s words to serve their purposes. Why not taste some of that freedom and twist those words for yourself?

You can:

  1. Write your own verse down on paper, draw some doodles on it and plop it into a frame
  2. Paint an altered verse on a canvas
  3. Jot your own version down, crumple it and toss it out
  4. Heck, even make some irreverent macaroni art.

You will be surprised how freeing this is!



4 thoughts on “Create your own Bible verse craft

  1. It’s also pretty easy to do. They act like scripture is this unmatchable literature, but writing with ambiguity is pretty fun. I did some king James upgrades in a post a while back. I enjoyed your post. Well done!!


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