But Hell’s ok…

In a previous post I discussed how God gets credit for the good but not for the bad (God Gets a Pass). The premise being, when going through a tragedy, believers search their hearts to find God’s positive role in it.

Like a child looking to their parent for comfort, believers look to the heavens to divine their creator’s involvement, assured that he cares and is involved in some way.

Oddly he is rarely blamed for the cause but instead, given full credit for any positive outcome. Lose your house to a tornado? Believers are coached to thank God for leading them through and comforting them during their recovery.

I guarantee if I destroyed someone’s house and then whispered words of encouragement into their ears I would be considered a sociopath.

How would believers react to the idea of God deliberately causing a tragedy?

Imagine if I stepped out from behind the confines of human decency and pointed out that instead of helping, God deliberately caused a family’s house to burn down. “So if God saved your lives from the fire does that mean he burn your house down on purpose?”

There would be shock! “Not my God! He would never do that, he is not cruel, he is a loving god”.

But ask this same person if non-believers are going to hell. The answer from most would be a resolute “Yes”.

The notion that God could destroy their house in an inferno is abhorrent, and I would be rude to even suggest it, but the idea of non-believers such as myself and my children burning and tortured forever in hell makes sense.

That annoys me.




One thought on “But Hell’s ok…

  1. Worse, they rationalize it and say it’s part of a greater “plan.” Like human death and suffering is OK because God intends it. Acknowledging that it’s God’s fault, but saying it’s OK because it means something good is going to happen from it. They’re saying the ends justify the means. Ugh.

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