Science and Reason wooden sign craft

Let’s do a craft!

They hang in kitchens and living rooms around the country, a little wooden slatted sign declaring “Faith, Hope and Love”, “Blessed”or “Be still and know that I am God”.

I love the idea behind the signs, they are gentle reminders of the family’s cohesive values. It can, however, be tricky to find one without some sort of religious element so I decided to make my own.

It was a fun and easy project so I thought I would share. Grab some wood and nails or cheat like I did in the Walmart craft aisle.



*Yes, yes, I know the “Equality” is not super straight, I could have sanded it down and reprinted but I kind of liked the imperfection, a good reminder of humanity’s shortcomings.

(Did you buy that? Honestly I was just too lazy to do it again. I should have put Kindness above Equality so that the reader would have been reminded of that virtue right before seeing the abysmal handwriting below)

Either way, here are some basic instructions:

  1. Buy a wooden sign or you can use old scrap wood if you are handier than I am
  2. Sand said sign
  3. Use nice markers (a thin Sharpie works nicely)
  4. Write your motto in different fonts (google fonts if you need inspiration)
  5. Cover with Mod Podge or some other sealant
  6. Hang and enjoy

You can come up with your own words or even better, sit down with your family to brainstorm and agree on the values you wish to include in your motto.

Have fun and I’d love to see pics of your projects!


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