God gets a pass

I suppose I will just dive in. Here is something that drives me nuts about religion. Ask any Christian about who gave them all the good in their lives and the answer is simple: it came from God.

But, when something bad happens, who facilitated it? It depends, the person brought upon themselves, someone else caused it, the devil, the result of sin, outside elements…rarely ever God.

Apparently the days of the Old Testament God rearing his head to smite at will are over.

God’s got a pretty decent deal in the modern world. All the credit for the good, none for the bad. A most convenient and abusive kind of love.

Recently a religious family I know lost their home in a fire. Complete and utter devastation. It is gutting to think about and my heart truly goes out to them.

While this family’s house burned to the ground, the house two doors down was not touched by the flames. This got me to thinking, had the family’s house had been saved while the structures around it burned they would have been praising God for saving their home, “Praise God, he stepped in and blew the winds away from our house, a true miracle!”

So it would stand to reason if God would have been given credit for saving their house, they should blame God for burning their house down; but no, God rose from the ashes, a smug phoenix.

I knew the situation was going to be spun in God’s favor but curious as to exactly how he would wriggle off the hook. I did not have to wait long. During a dinner party I overheard the family praising God for getting them out in time, for saving their lives. Ah ok, so he saved their lives, noble indeed. And if I were to ask about people did not get out, those who died in their homes? No, God did not burn them alive, instead it was gently and sweetly “their time to be called home”.

Even the church rose from the proverbial flames, sprinkling their members with manageable blessings. One afternoon after logging onto social media, I found the same family posting about how kind the church was for providing them with a box of new dishes. The responses were over the top, “so blessed to have an amazing church”, “bless the power of the Lord”, “God provides”, etc.

I am not denying it was kind of the church to donate those dishes, brand new even! Overshadowed however, by the fact I know this family donates hundreds of dollars monthly in tithes to the church.

Hundreds of dollars a month for 40 years. Hundreds of hours volunteering in the church. One box of dishes.

Praise the Lord.


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